各各他走读学校 阀杆 Program

为了让我们的学生为上帝为他们每个人计划的未来做好最好的准备, 我们的科学, 技术, 工程, and Math) program is integrated into all levels of academics. 从学前班到12年级, 阀杆 inspires our students to love learning through real world, problem-based lessons and activities. 我们有四个不同的空间, 帕尔默阀杆实验室, 中学阀杆实验室, 工程室, and the 阀杆 and Nature Center, 每位各各他的学生都有机会以真实和创新的方式体验学习. By focusing on relevant connections to the curriculum, 学生理解他们所涵盖的所有内容领域的主题如何应用到他们的日常生活中. 


在加略山, 阀杆不仅仅是一门学科, 而是一种文化, which extends into all aspects of learning for our students. Calvary’s 阀杆 program reinforces communication, 协作, 创造力, and critical thinking with challenging and fun lessons. As our Cavaliers transition from elementary to middle to high, our 阀杆 program is designed to move with them into higher levels of inquiry, 调查, 和创新.


  • 学生 learn how to work with others in each of the 阀杆 challenges. 我们鼓励学生分享想法,共同努力,以实现共同的目标.
  • 在阀杆实验室、教室和校园里,学生们依赖于有效的沟通. To know how to ask for help and express ideas in a persuasive manner, yet respond gracefully to other peers' ideas, is an important task for all students to accomplish. 
  • 神的创造在他创造天地的过程中向我们显明. 在加略山, 学生有机会通过阀杆进一步发现他们的天赋和技能,并表达他们的创造力.  
  • 当面对阀杆挑战时,学生们首先被要求停下来思考. 各各他鼓励学生在所有学科领域的所学信息之间建立联系,以解决所提出的问题. 


As a special for our 较低的学校 classes, 阀杆 meets on a weekly rotation. 帕尔默阀杆实验室内部, students are able to participate in hands-on, 问题的基础, student centered lessons to help enhance classroom content. 学生有机会在与同学结对或小组合作的过程中建立相关的联系. 每项活动都旨在挑战学生超越传统的课堂环境,同时激发学习的激情和信心. 课堂课程和每个阀杆挑战之间的整合创造了真实的联系,并为我们的学生提供了更深入的学习.


在中学阶段, Calvary students are immersed in activities, 项目, and a problem-based styled curriculum integrated through 阀杆 electives. 使用项目领导方式, a nationally recognized 阀杆 curriculum, 学生接触到现实生活中的问题,并鼓励他们使用工程设计过程创造性地解决这些问题. 另外, 与核心课程的各个单元相关的阀杆课程在整个学年实施到所有中学学科领域,以补充标准.


  • 设计与建模

    设计与建模 teaches students to think like an engineer, exposing them to orthographic and isometric sketching, 三维建模, and the engineering design process. 作为最终项目, 学生设计, 原型, and build a therapeutic toy for a child with Cerebral Palsy.
  • 能源与环境

    学生们面临的挑战是批判性地思考未来,因为他们探索可持续的解决方案,以我们的能源需求和调查能源对我们的生活和世界的影响. 通过合作, 学生将设计和模拟替代能源,并评估减少能源消耗的选择. 最后的项目包括设计和建造一个企鹅住所,利用他们的能量传递知识来隔离和保护冰块企鹅免受融化!
  • 医疗侦探

    In the 医疗侦探 course, students study the human body while learning to take vital signs, 调查疫情, 诊断疾病. 作为最终项目, students step into the role of a medical detective to collect data, 解剖一只羊的大脑, and analyze results in order to diagnose a “patient.”


高中学生有各种各样的机会沉浸在阀杆中. 学生以前是否有过在小学和初中阶段推广的基于设计和创新的学习经验, or is just beginning their journey with 阀杆, Calvary provides 阀杆 integration throughout all high school curricula.


  • 计算机科学

    Two levels of programming classes are currently offered as electives.  学生在学习编程基础知识的同时培养逻辑和批判性思维能力.  Using the Python and Java languages, students create programs that solve problems, 模拟现实生活中的情景, and provide interactive game play.
  • 工程

    工程学为创新、新发现和技术进步打开了大门.  It engages our minds to think creatively and analytically. 在工程课程中, students will have the opportunity to study different engineering disciplines, employ the engineering design process in 项目 related to each discipline, and to learn the tools of the trade (3D Computer Aided Design, 3 d打印技术, 工程制图, 仿真与分析).  Each project is designed to help students use critical reasoning skills, 团队合作, and to take an idea from concept to construction.
  • Medical Magnet (Biomedical PLTW)

    Anatomy and Physiology teaches students about the human body and demonstrates an important concept in 阀杆; structure determines function. 学生分析, diagram and investigate all of the human body's various systems (integumentary, 肌肉发达的, 紧张, 消化, 生殖, 淋巴, 骨骼等.) and learn how they all coordinate to sustain life. 学生接触到许多医学职业,并有很多机会实践动手医学实验室.
  • 物理

    在物理, 我们学习上帝设计事物运作的方式,从太阳系中最大的行星到原子中最小的电子.  在导论课程中, students study kinematics and dynamics, tying Newton's Laws of Motion to the Laws of Conservation of Energy and Momentum. 在后续课程中, students learn about electricity and magnetism, including electrical circuits. 他们也研究波浪, 声音, 光的传播方式以及我们所看到和听到的事物与它们的性质之间波胆网站.  在每门课程中, 学生参与实验室, 示威活动, and 项目 to provide interactive, hands-on reinforcement of the concepts being studied.